Dear Sirs,

Could you please advise me why i was given 2 hours notice, from a Psychiatrist working for the DOLS team Leicestershire County Council, stating that he was going into Leicester Royal Infirmary to assess my Husband A at 7pm on the same day, only 2 hours notice given.?
At the time i did state to him, that i wanted to be present at the assessment, and could not get there in time, because i had to rely on Public Transport.
I did state on the telephone that i wanted to be present at the assessment, his reply, to me, no Relatives are usually present at such assessments, and he did seem to say in so many words in my opinion that i had no rights to be there..
In the end he agreed not to go and assess my Husband, but by his tone of voice i could tell he was not happy regarding this situation.
THE DOLS POLICY encourages the input of Relatives, and especially the NEXT OF KIN,and at the time i was my Husband A Lasting Power of Attorney.
Could you please advise why a Psychiatrist is allowed to go into a Hospital to assess a Patient for a DOLS Application, without giving Relatives appropriate notification or time to be with their Relative, or Next of Kin, POA, at a very worrying and stressful time.
Kind Regards AS..

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