Top judge orders rethink to stop experts pipeline 'drying up'

Very happy they will be, more Children bring put up for adoption, amid corruption within the Family Court Arena.

DR Waney ,was struck off the GMC Register for a while, because LA, JUDGES, CAFCASS, , deemed her work and theory was wrong, regarding Perceived Child abuse, where Parents could be well and truly innocent against all allegations of non accidental injury, regarding, shaken baby syndrome.

Dr Martha Cohen was also scrutinised with regards to her theories surrounding shaken baby syndrome, where Parents could be infact innocent, regarding allegations of non accidental injury.

DR Colin Paterson was also struck off by the GMC, he had diagnosed many Children with OI, brittle bone disease,as the reason why children were found to have unexplained fractures, thus Parents were exonerated and had their names cleared with regards to allegations of non accidental injury.

DR Paterson also had theories with regards to temporary forms of disease like copper deficiency,which could also be the cause of unexplained fractures.

Colin theory is still being used in the USA with regards to unexplained fractures, being caused by OI, Brittle bone disease, as well as temporary brittle bone disease,as in vitamin d deficiency and copper deficiency.

DR George Hibbert was also facing being struck off by the GMC, after he apparently gave conflicting evidence within the Family Court arena, resulting in many Children being possibly taken into care wrongly.

In another one of our Cases, a Mother was diagnosed with MSBP, IFI, by a Paediatrician that she had never ever met.

How can a Paediatrician make such a diagnosis, ? as he was not adequately qualified to do so,he is not a Psychiatrist.

And how can anybody make such an assumption without ever setting eyes on the Mother, but this kind of thing happens everyday within the Family Courts up and down the UK.

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